New company principles

Below you will find our new company principles of Turbo-Technik

Company principles
of Turbo-Technik GmbH & Co. KG


  1. 1.      Entrepreneurial attitude

Turbo-Technik is an experienced, reliable and globally operating family-owned company specialized on repair, maintenance, retrofitting and modernization of civilian passenger and cargo ships, special military vessels as well as industrial and petrochemical facilities.  Furthermore, we offer comprehensive expertise in contract manufacturing of various components.

Turbo-Technik’s entire entrepreneurial action is guided by our demand to maximize our customer’s satisfaction by providing highest-quality services. In this context, delivering our services on schedule, in line with budget and faultless is our first priority.

We pursue a sustainable long-term growth strategy focusing on entering new profitable business segments and markets as well as continuous alignment of our service offering to our customer’s requirements. To support this we are continuously enhancing our working methods, processes and technical equipment. Special attention is thereby dedicated to our employees who, as highly-specialized experts, form the basis of our operational performance.


  1. 2.      Ethical values

While pursuing our commercial targets we always act in line with our ethical values. As a globally operating company the non-discriminating interaction with every person, always considering individual cultural characteristics, is an irrevocable maxim. This interaction is based on the principles of respect, honesty, trust and communality.

In this regard, we explicitly respect all religions and philosophies of life which stand for a peaceful and tolerant coexistence. Furthermore, we actively foster freedom of religion and belief in our company.

As a family-owned company we are aware of the importance of the family and promote it. We commit ourselves to provide options to best balance family and career.

Collaboration with all our business partners is characterized by fairness and long-term partnership. We facilitate fair competition and we clearly distance ourselves from corruption and any kind of bribery. Unrestricted protection of confidential and secret information as well as third party property goes without saying.


  1. 3.      Social responsibility

As part of the community we at Turbo-Technik are aware of our social responsibility to contribute to the protection and development of this community. Being an attractive employer, we stand for creation and preservation of sustainable and secure apprenticeships and workplaces as well as the continuous development of our employees. Protecting our employees from occupational health and safety dangers and other hazards is of utmost importance. Therefore, any use of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants is strictly prohibited.

Equally, preserving our nature and environment and its valuable resources is of very high significance for us. We always handle natural resources responsibly and minimize our negative impact to the environment. In addition, we support regional solidarity and promote regional business partnerships.

Turbo-Technik always acts in accordance with applicable laws and regulation as well as occupational health and safety provisions and technical rules. We do not tolerate any illegal activities.


Within the limits of his/her personal abilities every employee and business partner of Turbo-Technik is obligated to act in accordance with these company principles. Any behaviour conflicting with these principles has to be reported immediately to a supervisor or the management of Turbo-Technik. Every employee, especially every supervisor, has to be aware of his role in complying with these principles and act accordingly.

With its signature the management of Turbo-Technik commits to provide sufficient financial, personal, material and organizational resources to implement, enforce and develop these company principles.

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