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45 years of experience in ship repairs

The modern workshop facilities at its headquarters in Wilhelmshaven and several berths for vessels up to 315m in length, offer the best possibilities to repair or convert vessels, prefabricate modules and also to repair and overhaul machinery and spare parts.

Many different ship types are being served, ranging from crude oil-, chemical-, products- and gas tankers and container ships, offshore units, RoRos, bulk- and carcarriers as well as passenger ships and luxury yachts.

The various skills include among others all kind of shipbuilding, machinery-, boiler-, turbine-, pipework, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Numerous international marine machinery manufacturers have appointed TURBO-TECHNIK with its after-sale service and spare-parts supply.

Many local and international shipyards use TURBO-TECHNIK as their preferred supplier and reliable partner for sophisticated ship repairs and conversion projects. In addition, TURBO-TECHNIK is known as a well experienced and efficient company for world-wide travel repairs in the international shipping industry.

Especially when maintenance and repairs have to be carried out outside of shipyards and drydocking, TURBO-TECHNIK can execute cost-effective seagoing repairs and thus shorten the offhire period.

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45 years of experience in ship repairs


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