Turbo-Technik has saddled up with modern technic

HWE-P 4020/1-2D

Turbo Technik holds the expertise for heavy industry manufacturing onshore, offshore and worldwide. Projects like offshore/ onshore skid manufacturing and construction of topside structures for the oil and gas industry demand a continuous upgrade process in machinery technology, tools and training of our skilled workforce in order to achieve an optimum efficiency output level for our client’s projects .

This upgrade process involves high-value investments at regular intervals into state-of-the-art machinery to handle metal sheets and plates, pipe and welding works.

One being among others, we have now acquired the latest models of waterjet cutting technology  in order to become even more efficient in our manufacturing process. Through the use of high pressure pumps the water can be compressed up to of 6,000 bar and allows us to work nearly all materials such as steel, wood, synthetic material and stone up to an accuracy of 0,2 mm. By using a  rotary 2D head we are also able to cut components with a chamber-bevel. We handle steel plates of sizes up to 200mm thickness and dimensions of 2,25m x 12m without any problems.



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